Question 1:

I am a graduate of computer engineering and I am currently planning to create a virtual or real computer accessories store and I do not have any practical work experience in this field, what educational suggestion is there for me?

Consultant’s answer:

If you are thinking about entrepreneurship and intend to start your own business, the MBA courses are definitely one of your educational needs. You can get the skills you need by taking an MBA. Various business management courses are among the booming management training courses in recent years.

The purpose of the MBA (Master of Business Administration) advanced course of business management is to transform mere management knowledge into practical and executive skills. Business Management is for those who want to use management science to start a new business or improve their business conditions. In fact, these courses are specifically intended for those who need knowledge of management, marketing, sales, planning, finance, etc., but have studied in other fields.

For this reason, the general audience of these courses have completed their main education in other fields and to complete their managerial and entrepreneurial skills, they follow this field in university or in the form of free courses. By completing this course, you can acquire the necessary skills in various fields of marketing, human resources, management, business and finance.

By completing this course, you will gain the ability to understand the characteristics and complexities of customer and market behavior in the field of marketing. In addition to defining and estimating the size of the assumed market, you can also estimate its profitability appropriately. You can set up your own business by knowing the market, customers and competitors with full knowledge of business models and plans and knowing all kinds of marketing methods.

Question 2:

With different higher education institutions offering MBA courses, what is the advantage of taking this course at your institution?

Consultant’s answer:

The MBA course at Azad Andisheh Moeen Institute of Higher Education offers you the ability to start and run your desired business, an interactive experience and an opportunity to build professional relationships and at the same time increase your knowledge of the global management process in business. Due to the fact that this institute is the scientific-specialist center of the large TAT holding (Aindeh Bank, Razi Insurance, Iranmal Trading Company, etc.), during this course you can be in the real work environment and benefit from the valuable experiences of the large Iranmal project. And interact with great entrepreneurs.

In this course, we have used the expert and elite professors of this field to teach practical courses in a practical and workshop form, and we believe that we hold these courses with the highest quality and the lowest price. So with any education and any degree you have, if you want to start your own business and become an entrepreneur, in the MBA course of Andisheh Moin Institute with unique features (high quality of the course, price of the course, brand and experienced professors, educational environment with International standard, virtual training with standard environment and high speed) participate.

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