Training courses held at Moin Azad Andisheh Higher Education Institute

Andishe Moin Institute, as a specialized educational center of Tat Big Holding, provides educational, research and consulting services with experienced and specialized scientific staff and with international standards.

So far, it has held about 180 training courses for Ayandeh Bank, Razi Insurance and Iranmal Trading Company as main clients in various fields of banking, management, insurance, organizational behavior, human resources, financial-economic, information technology, etc., the most important courses for These three noble collections are:

Digital currencies
Injury damages
Familiarity with fire insurance damages
Familiarity with issuing fire insurance
Familiarity with social security laws
SQL Server 2018 training
Team work skills
Examining legal issues
organizational behavior
Principles and foundations of management and organization
Insurance industry management and…

Work at height
cost management
first aid
organizational behavior
Communication skills with customers
Market Survey
Comprehensive security staff course
Comprehensive course of ceremonial and service staff
Marketing management in travel agencies
Tourism management
Graphic software
Advanced Excel
Principles and techniques of administrative negotiations
Specialized language in business
Retail management
Project Management
Communication skills and body language
Management of organizational processes
Crisis Management
strategic Managment
Comprehensive financial management course
Sales Management
Behavioral and communication patterns in Iran Mall
HSE، 5S ، ICDL و …

Coaching principles and techniques
Excellent treatment with customers
Excellent treatment with customers
Principles and techniques of professional negotiation
team work
Time Management
stress management
Creativity and problem solving
Writing code, administrative correspondence and principles of report writing
organizational behavior
Principles and basics of banking
Digital banking
Accounting Principles
Banking rights
Bank accounting
Domestic banking
Preliminary and supplementary credits
Financial Statement Analysis
TTT teacher training workshop
Credit dialogue workshop
Workshop on legal dialogue
Training workshop on financial topics of the bank’s strategic business units (SBU)
Comprehensive training course on soft skills and…

Business management courses at three levels, MBA, DBA, PostDBA, have been held for the managers of the above centers.

Also, this institute has held many training courses for other organizations and bodies such as Tehran Municipality, Alborz Tat Company, Mad Marketing and Sales Development Company (affiliated to Bank Mellat), Tehran Air Company, Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, etc.

In this regard, according to the scientific-specialized capacity and potentials in various fields, this institution is ready to provide educational, research and consulting services in various fields of management, behavioral, financial-economic, banking, insurance industry, retail, multi-purpose commercial complexes, technology. It has information and… For more information, call 22064801.